Hard to Fit Contacts

Hard to Fit Contact Lenses in Kailua-Kona

Are you living with hard to fit contact lenses in Kailua-Kona? In other words, when you wear your contacts, do you experience discomfort, irritation, or poor vision correction? At Wally Kojima, O.D and Associates, we understand the importance of comfortable eyewear that actually accommodates yourunique eyes. Some refractive errors, eye conditions, and recurring symptoms make it difficult to wear traditional contact lenses, but our optometrist offers a variety of specialty lenses that are designed to overcome these obstacles.

Your corrective contact lenses should have up-to-date prescriptions, but in order to truly correct your vision and improve your life, they should also be the perfect fit. You need contacts that stay in place securely and comfortably while correcting your vision and/or color abnormalities. However, if you have certain eye conditions or refractive errors that cause hard to fit lenses, our optometrist may recommend specialty contact lenses instead.

Diagnosing Eye Conditions that Cause Hard to Fit Contacts

Our eye doctor, Dr. Kojima, will perform a thorough eye exam to figure out exactly what type and strength your lenses should be. His goal is to fully measure and evaluate your eyes, understand your symptoms and fit problems, and then use this information to find the right kind of eyewear for you.

Some of the most common conditions that cause hard to fit contacts include:

  • Dry eye syndrome – Contact lenses will irritate the surface of your eyes if your tear ducts don't produce enough natural lubrication

  • Astigmatism – This vision condition causes the eyes to shift and rotate throughout the day involuntarily, causing the contacts to drift

  • Keratoconus – If cornea has irregular curvature, you may have hard to fit contacts, because traditional soft contacts cannot conform to cone-shaped contours

  • Giant papillary conjunctivitis – If proteins accumulate on the surface of your eye, contacts will not be able to adhere smoothly and correct your vision

  • Presbyopia – If your eyes have multiple refractive errors at different distances, ordinary contact lenses are not sufficient for vision correction

Our Kailua-Kona Specialty Contact Lenses

If you have any of these conditions – or any other ocular symptom that interferes with your contact lenses – then you may benefit from a pair of specialty contact lenses. We offer the following Kailua-Kona specialty contact lenses:

  • Gas permeable lenses – Rigid, or "hard", contacts prevent proteins from accumulating on the surfaces of the eyes

  • Toric lenses – These weighted lenses prevent chronic drifting and rotation

  • Multifocal lenses – If your contacts are inadequate because of complex refractive errors, you may need multifocal lenses

  • Scleral lenses – If your corneas have an irregular cone shape, scleral lenses will actually arch over the cornea, retaining moisture and preventing irritation

  • Hybrid lenses – These contacts offer outer softness and inner rigidity, providing the best of both worlds


Do you have hard to fit contacts? Eyeglasses might not be your only eyewear option. Call your eye doctor in Kailua-Kona today to schedule a contact lens exam! We look forward to meeting with you!


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